Ixpe Pad

Acoustical Underlayment

What is it…exactly?

IXPE is a premium acoustical underlayment made up of sound dampening high-performance cross-linked foam with an overlapping film for extra moisture protection at its joints. The extra fine foam offers advanced moisture protections and shock absorption. Utilizing the Progressive Foam Technology (PFT), IXPE underlay is designed for supreme sound Reduction.

Key Important Features:

Progressive foam technology (PFT) designed for supreme sound reduction Extra fine, cross linked foam for advanced moisture protection and shock absorption Excellent for radiant heat floors Mold and mildew resistant Anti-crush technology for excellent performance and long life Includes adhesive strip and overlap film for linking multiple rolls Cushions flooring

Its Closed Cell, why is that Important?

Closed cell is how it sounds. The membrane of it is made of cells that are impervious to absorption. This means that water,fungus,bacteria and other destructive forces can invade your floors from the bottom and are blocked out.

Why do we need to use underlay:? Although comfy enough for a nap, underlayment is an important and necessary barrier between your floor and the substrate below. It prevents Anything coming from the bottom up into the floor, thus making your home a healthier, softer, and quieter living paradise.

  • Thickness 1mm - 6mm
  • Width 1 - 1.5m
  • Length 8.45m, 16.9m or customized
  • Colors black, green, blue, grey, orange and more
  • Density 33kg/m³, 45kg/m³, 60kg/m³, 100kg/m³ and more

Key features of our IXPE underlayment

  • Our underlayment is made out of cutting-edge IXPE (Irradiated Cross-Linked PolyEthelene), the newest advance in foam technology.
  • IXPE is a closed-cell foam that is 100% waterproof, and impervious to mildew, mold, rot, and bacteria.
  • While cork underlayments may resist moisture in daily use conditions, in a flood or broken appliance scenario where significant amounts of water are exposed to the floor for prolonged periods, there is the chance for mold and rot to develop. We feel your underlayment should work just as hard as your floor, and our new underlayment does just that. While our competitors exclude their “waterproof floors” from flooding (read their warranties!), we stand behind our product in even the most extreme conditions.
Improved Sound Control
  • Compared to cork, IXPE provides pound-for-pound superior sound performance
  • While sound performance is a complicated topic, in the most basic testing scenario (6” concrete, no suspended ceiling) our 1.5 mm IXPE has a IIC (Impact Insulation Class) rating of 59-60, compared to 1.5 mm cork at 53-55. IIC specifically relates to impact related sounds, such as footsteps, the main sound element an underlayment can control (airborne sound, such as loud music, is rated using a different metric called STC, and in almost all cases requires a suspended ceiling to significantly mitigate)
Thermal insulation
  • • Due to the closed-cell nature of IXPE, it is an excellent insulator and, in fact, is used primarily for its insulation properties in many other industries
Proven performance
  • • IXPE has been used in the automotive, medical, and hospitality industries. It is very likely that your new vehicle relies heavily on IXPE to keep the cabin insulated, both in terms of sound and temperature