The Evolution of LVT

Waterproof flooring has been around for many years. As with most products in the industry, this category is constantly evolving. These evolutions have changed how the product is constructed, its features, benefits, and applications among many other things. Due to the many evolutions in the waterproof flooring category, it has become somewhat confusing to consumers and even retail sales people. It is difficult to determine the difference from one type of Waterproof Floor to another. So, what is the difference between an LVT, Rigid, WPC, or an SPC?

Let us show you the difference between the three most popular Waterproof Floors, Flexible LVT, WPC, and SPC. We will explain applications, constructions, and features of each. We will also discuss the marketing terms often used for this category. By the time you are done reading this, you will be an expert!


What is it…exactly?

IXPE is a premium acoustical underlayment made up of sound dampening high-performance cross-linked foam with an overlapping film for extra moisture protection at its joints. The extra fine foam offers advanced moisture protections and shock absorption. Utilizing the Progressive Foam Technology (PFT), IXPE underlay is designed for supreme sound Reduction.

It’s Closed Cell, why is that Important?

The membrane is made of cells that are impervious to absorption. This means that water, fungus, bacteria and other destructive forces that invade your floors from the bottom and are blocked out.

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